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Safety. Connection. Understanding.

Safety, Connection and Understanding are core needs for companies to be successful in Social Media. That’s why, at ICUC, we deliver solutions focused on these needs. Before brands are able to build relationships with consumers, they need to know that their social channels are safe from spam, noise or threats. If social channels are not safe, little else matters and your brand will have difficulty developing the advanced benefits of connection and understanding. Once your brand is safe and secure, you can confidently embark into Connection – the building of relationships – and Understanding – translating raw data and reports into actionable insights and strategy.

Our global team of over 600+ employees monitors and moderates millions of conversations each and every week.


With a goal of becoming Canada’s top automotive brand on social media, this client needed safety and connection online. As thousands of interactions take place daily on the client’s owned social media channels, moderation and community engagement is required to ensure they never missed a beat. As an extension of the automotive brand, ICUC provides a core, Canadian-based team of Community Managers who respond on behalf of the client. Focusing on five social channels, ICUC’s Community Managers respond within a 20 minute SLA, ensuring responses are nearly in real-time. In 2015, the goal of becoming one of Canada’s top automotive brands on social was achieved when they were named Canada’s top automotive brand on Twitter.

coffeehouse brands

Working with one of the most recognizable coffeehouse brands in the world, ICUC provides daily moderation for 18 international Facebook pages for this client. Moderating over 200,000 pieces of content each and every year, ICUC focuses on International content and engagement for the brand. With 53% of all international content coming from this brand’s UK, Canada, and Philippines Facebook pages in 2014, ICUC is able to provide coverage in 30+ languages.


As a large Canadian retail brand, this client truly cares about their customers and is focused on community management. When they set their sights on a new goal of reaching 50,000 fans on their social accounts by January of 2014, ICUC was there to help. Ensuring the client’s fans and followers always receive a real, human response on owned channels, and with a focus on 24/7, 365 community engagement, this goal of 50,000 fans was far surpassed. Instead of simply reaching this goal, ICUC helped the client reach 75,000 fans by the target date.