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As a global ideas shop, our mission is to create ideas that are humanly relevant.

Led by gyro ceo+cco Christoph Becker, gyro is at the forefront of reinventing the way we see, consume and feel advertising in the business-to-people space.

gyro is Advertising Age’s 2016 B-to-B Agency of the Year and the BMA’s 2016 Global B-to-B Agency of the Year. Our 600 creative minds in 14 offices work with top companies including Aflac, Danone, eBay, HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Jabra, John Deere, Tate & Lyle, TD Ameritrade, Teva, USG and Vodafone.


Reinvent Learning

HP provides teachers and students with tools that “unstandardize” learning - making education more flexible, collaborative and dynamic so it works uniquely, and successfully, for all.


The Weight Has Been Lifted

As USG’s UltraLight portfolio expanded, gyro conceived new ways to show contractors what they’re really lifting if they’re not using lightweight drywall. By extending the award-winning images from the original "The Weight Has Been Lifted" campaign, adding engaging interactive tools, such as a weight calculator on the website and an app, and making smart media moves with targeted online ads, gyro was able to garner even more awareness and trial for the innovative construction supplier.

John Deere

Building Together

gyro’s "Building Together" campaign for John Deere is human relevance in action. John Deere is the only construction equipment producer in the industry that invites operators to help design its machines. It’s a costly, often intense process, but the results are undeniable: Every machine is an extension of customer input. The "Building Together" campaign showcases Deere’s unique collaborative approach and the powerful relationships it enjoys with its customers.


Paving to be proud of

Pride is a powerful thing. gyro and its long-standing client Marshalls decided to amplify this humanly relevant insight in a big way. "Paving to be proud of" impeccably captures the pride installers feel when they become registered installers. It also shows in a clever, well-executed integrated campaign how the customers feel once their project is finished.

French Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Women's Rights

Stop, That's Enough!

Sexual harassment is, unfortunately, an everyday occurrence for millions of women worldwide. While many cities turn a blind eye, the French government decided to tackle it head on. In collaboration with gyro, the French Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Women’s Rights launched a campaign to demonstrate that harassment is never acceptable, and is preventable through the vigilance of ordinary by-standers. The campaign quickly resonated, with the video becoming the No. 2 most popular ad on YouTube in November 2015.